LUZ MINERVA is designer handcrafted jewelry with the inspiration in the Caribbean, a Barcelona based designer and ateliers in Barcelona, Athens, Istanbul and Dubai.

Luz Minerva is an eco friendly company that only uses the best materials in its manufacture like 925 silver, recycled 18k gold, precious and semiprecious gemstones, many of tnem vintage to avoid excessive sourcing and to achieve uniqueness; enamels for color, paves for textures, leathers and hand engraving on gemstones (intaglio) for a surprising effect.  Luz Minerva produces unique, exclusive jewelry with many one of a kind pieces and limited editions

Luz Minerva was inspired by an iron willed dynamic ever so chic and utterly petite gem of a lady with a passion for jewelry as a model of sel expression.  At present, she is 96 years old and still has a passion for life and beautiful things.  Over rhree generations, LM has reinvented itself in line with changing times and times of crisis.  She has taught all of us at LM Company that nothing is impossible.  She set the standard of innovation and hard work that we still abide by today.  Post war effects in a tiny island were very difficult and if she managed then, we can manage now.

Its designer, Laura Rosich-Medina, is also an anthropologist, painter and fashion designer.  Her designs reflect the multiple influences of her travels around the world.   She is the grandaughter of LM and as an homage to her she wants to tell the world about such a unique person.  Luz Minerva is the perspective of a young artist that knows how to look and see into tne world of another era, renewing that vision with rich personal experiences; the charm and warmth of the old with the vibrant energy of tne new; wanting to reach all women who love beautiful, unusual designs, modern and provocative that capture the eye.

Each Luz Minerva piece is 100% handcrafted by our team of skilled artisans from Barcelona, Greece, Turkey, Armenia, Dubai and Pakistan who are helping to preserve traditional skills such as enamel work and glyptography that are rapidly disappearing.  We wish to transmit our passion for jewelry as something unique that will satisfy and produce pleasure to whom it adorns, inspiring self expression and a passion for things different and beautiful.

LUZ MINERVA is a message of love and gratitude.


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